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https://www.siloambio-tech.com/en/contact.html SILOAM BIOTECH CO.,LTD. https://www.siloambio-tech.com/en/images/corpimg.png 40676,No.31 , Ln. 1 , Pingde Rd , Beitun Dist. ,Taichung City, 406, $ 04-2295-8028 Target Concept Siloambiotech company is based on the concept of sales service in Taiwan, the establishment of customer sales services for the priority of enterprise resource sharing platform, the implementation of services in the localization, and strive to serve the guests, and hope to bring MIT products to the global market with successful Taiwan experience. Development Goals Short - term:   The existing market entry, integration, and market                       assessment, planning.Medium-term:  Increase the amount of performance, and the                       establishment of professional reputation. Long-term:      The pursuit of growth for the first, to create a new market.
* 流感、腸病毒季節來襲!!!!~~~避免感染好妙招~可愛乾洗手 ** 2016年第十四屆亞太臨床生化及檢驗醫學大會暨台灣醫事檢驗學會會員(代表)大會暨學術發表會壁報論文指出 : FOB/TF 檢測有助於提昇上消化道出血檢出率,全腸道出血之篩檢
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