Siloam Feces Collection Devices (SFCD) 3
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Siloam Feces Collection Devices (SFCD)

    Patented M417919

       ◎ Enhance the efficiency of examination

    Enhance convenience of feces collection

    Microscopy clear background

    Reduce sample contamination

    Compliance with health and Eco Assist

    Standardized Work

    SK-300 shaking machine



        ◎ Patent

Fecal Collection Step                  




1. After collection of feces, the sample should be sent to the laboratory within 6 hours or

    fecessealed with a zipper bag placed the refrigeratorand sent to the laboratory within three days.

2. SFCD due to collection of  sample with a wide contact area, please note that , when the

    sample backinto the tube should not touch thenozzle. If you are not careful to contact,

    please keepclean into thesample package and sent to the laboratory.

3. Must be to avoid moisture, heat, radiation, chemical damage.

4. Must be to avoid strong light, pollution.

5. This product is used only onceand then discarded in the trash. Can not be reused.

















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